How Paltrack helps you avoid PayPal Disputes and account suspensions

How Paltrack a 100% autopilot sync of tracking details helps sellers avoid PayPal Disputes and PayPal account suspensions in the simplest way.

How Paltrack helps you avoid PayPal Disputes and account suspensions

With the variety of payment provider services, PayPal remains the most popular and most trusted payment processor. Regardless of your operation,  small or medium businesses connecting to online payments are essentially beneficial not only in selling your product and creating an impression on your brand but also in making the buying process lighter and more convenient for the users.

Not only PayPal but also other payment providers require proof of transactions. Let's just say that providing the basic information as part of business activity is the nuts and bolts of effective operation.

This article helps you revisit some key points taken for granted by PayPal users which are supposed to be considered the most important aspect of business operations. Learning the type of issues and how to counteract them in a friendly, secure, and fair manner that would not harm your store operations.

Here are the Following disputes initiated by the buyer:

Item not received. The buyer purchased the item but did not receive it.

Significantly Not as Described.  In this issue, the buyer claims that the actual item received is not as described. This could be discrepancies in sizes, colors, height, and other item physical aspects.

In case of disputes lodged against you. You will be receiving email notifications or you can also direct To your PayPal resolution center to check the type of claims created and start your initial action to avoid smaller problems becoming bigger issues. Also, take note that receiving escalated issues can affect the grading performance for your PayPal account which funds hold might be in place or may lead to account suspension. These are the main factors why PayPal held funds for 21 days or longer to ensure that there would be ample time to investigate the problem and sufficient funds available to cover up the disputes.

How Avoid PayPal Disputes and PayPal account suspensions most simply?

Build a strong customer service team. Having a good CS team enhances your customer relationship and increases customer loyalty. We are also consumers, and based on our experience being able to access customer support that responds promptly and effectively is a sure great deal for us.  Having good communication with buyers definitely prevents disputes.

Create a clear return policy, shipping policy, and terms of the agreement. Transparency is always a key element of justifiable business operations.

Provide Order Tracking. Essential information must be given to the buyer to easily track his/her transaction from the seller. Proof of transactions is the fundamental source of trust, validity, and reliability of the seller. We all know that PayPal is not the only platform that requires submissions of tracking details for every purchase made by the buyer, everything that involves selling, and shipping items require tracking details to avoid anxiety for buyers. The presence of Tracking details is very beneficial to both parties because of its transparency that builds customers' trust and loyalty.

Adding tracking info to Paypal can be very time-consuming and costly as you need to hire an assistant to dedicate to putting tracking details to your PayPal account manually.  Much being said, doing it manually exposes you to a bigger problem and a caution to your reliability. Manual encoding order status takes a lot of time and of course, the security of information is not 100% valid as it is prone to human errors.

To address the pain point of merchants adding transaction details manually, various automated solutions sprouted that are available on any eCommerce platform, especially Shopify. One of those reliable solutions is Paltrack whose main advantage is to help merchants avoid PayPal Disputes and reduce the holding period imposed on your account. Introducing here the importance of using Paltrack as your partnered solution.

Paltrack salient features and how Paltrack provides a solution to help you avoid PayPal Disputes and PayPal account suspensions
Paltrack 100% automates the process of syncing tracking information of fulfilled orders from your Shopify store to your payment gateway. Our application ensures that your payment using PayPal is on a good record and decreases the probability of having a hold applied to your PayPal account which enables you to access your funds more quickly and increases customer service satisfaction.

We Walk the Talk! Paltrack has the smoothest setup process, less than two (2) minutes, and the syncing of your order details from your Shopify store and PayPal account is instantly updated! That's how Paltrack works.  Paltrack is a real-time autopilot solution, which means that you don't have to worry about adding tracking details to PayPal ever again. Since automation takes place, merchants increase their productivity and accuracy rate.

Paltrack showcases Transparency. Running a business can be very crucial that is why Paltrack offers a Win-Win solution to both parties. Providing proper documents required by Paypal helps reduce anxiety to buyers. Build your customer trust and surely reduce customer issues as a result of having a good Paypal record. This showcases the credibility of your store and leads to the customer's satisfaction ratings.

Exclusive in Palrack! Our Back-In-Time feature allows users to retrieve and sync old orders that were fulfilled before the installation of Paltrack. This feature is exclusive to Paltrack - no other PayPal tracking apps have backward compatibility.

Paltrack not only provides quality service, and cost-effective solutions but also guides users with a personal touch through our live chat customer support. We assure you that we take your concern seriously and timely.

Our newest Paltrack feature is here! Auto Routing, our app allows you to update your Carrier name to one officially supported by Paypal for the Faster release of Paypal Payment!

Another enhancement of our app is the Email Reports feature which allows you to view your Paltrack dashboard directly to your Inbox. Set your email notification the way you see fit; monthly, weekly, or daily email updates, creating a more PayPal order tracking personalized experience while ensuring the accuracy of Paltrack's performance.

Paltrack keeps on innovating giving more value to our users, our app successfully integrates with PayPal, Zipify OCU, CJdropshipping, Oberlo, DSers, Massfulfill, and many more. Get to know Paltrack directly from the Shopify app store: Paltrack and start protecting your stores from any chargebacks, account suspension, and funds withheld.  We loved to see you on board!