How to Earn Passive Income in 2024

It�s undeniable that passive income is the most talked about. The best contributor to improving everyone’s financial freedom. If you are running a blog, maintaining a website, and social media platforms then affiliate marketing can be one of the ideal sources of passive income for you.

Here are �simple steps on how to start Affiliate Marketing

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  • Get New Users– Start promoting our app whether on a Blog, �Social media, or website in which way that works for you. �Simply get the affiliate link of our app and send it to merchants or use it yourself when installing an app for a client.

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Why Affiliate Marketing?
Ecommerce trends are going upward. It’s evolving. It changes the traditional shopping experience to more convenient online purchases. With the increase of competition in the market, there is a need for merchants to boost their stores through marketers. A win-win solution in coping up in the market.

These are some factors why affiliate marketing is dominating in the marketing aspects.

  • No Capital built up – Simply use the affiliate link in installing an app to your client or share with merchants who look for the same solutions on what the app can do.
  • Low Risk – No major potential losses on your end.
  • Offer High Returns – Commission percentage is unlimited based on the number of users you bring in successfully. In other words, you can get ROI anytime even when you�re asleep.
  • Flexible– Work in your own time at your own specific locations. Affiliate Marketing is an online marketing arrangement. It only requires social platforms for you to promote specific apps.


Why wait long when you can start now! Affiliate Marketing can be a very progressive source of income streams that may help you achieve your financial goal faster.

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