Paltrack Shopify app review - features, pros, cons, and alternatives

PalTrack Shopify, automate the process of adding tracking numbers to orders and win over fraud, disputes, and chargebacks.

Paltrack Shopify app review - features, pros, cons, and alternatives

Adding tracking info to PayPal from your Shopify store can save you from financial risk and inconvenience. It is also compulsory and protects you from disputes like Unauthorized Transaction (UT) and Item Not Received (INR). A lot of online entrepreneurs who are newbies with Shopify and PayPal don’t know what Paypal account to set up in running their online Shopify stores. Learn the difference between PayPal accounts and its guide on how to set up click here to visit the PayPal page.

Why it helps you Protect from Paypal Dispute:

Disputes always happen to all types of business, may it be a small or large entity.  A company that is not battle-ready in dealing with customers disputes is not prioritizing seller-buyer relationships that is why PayPal holds the ground in protecting both parties. PayPal takes the first step to course through the transaction with them.

Running a business can be tedious, hence providing Tracking details are beneficial to both merchants and customers alike.

This article guides you in understanding the importance of syncing tracking details to PayPal and why you need to downplay fraud, disputes, and chargebacks.

What is Paypal Tracking Numbers and How to send them?

  • Tracking numbers are unique identifying numbers that are assigned to every item or package that is being shipped by the seller to the buyer. For newbies, a Tracking number is generated electronically or printed on the shipping label as a barcode.
  • There are two types of how to update Tracking details to PayPal,  through manual updating, please click here to redirect you to the PayPal page. Manual updating is heavy work and prone to human errors so we are not recommending you doing it. To stay afloat in the market you have to use available automation tools to optimize the benefits of your store.

Updating your order tracking details manually is a painful approach when you have too many things to manage. Along with the growth of eCommerce is the upswing of available apps you can use to help you achieve your business goal faster and conveniently. We created our Paltrack with Shopify which helps merchants combat PayPal threats disputes, chargeback requests, or even negative feedback.

How does Paltrack work?

Our Paltrack offers a solution to Shopify store owners to automate the process of syncing tracking information of fulfilled orders from your store to their PayPal account and creating good standing and in accordance with the user agreement for PayPal services.

More Features:

Lower Rolling Reserve

PayPal applies a rolling reserve on your account as a way of protecting their customers. By using Paltrack, you will be operating within PayPal’s requirements. This means less rolling reserve and fewer issues for you.

Quick Release of Funds

With Paltrack, one big factor is eliminated. Having tracking details synced automatically is one less problem to worry about when wanting to get your money faster.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Paltrack’s dashboard consists of only the most important details that you need to see. Being that the syncing is automated, we want to give the user a painless experience. Our dashboard does exactly that. The information was simplified and delivered.

Back-In-Time Feature

Our Back-In-Time feature allows users to retrieve and sync old orders that were fulfilled prior to the installation of Paltrack. This feature is exclusively a Paltrack feature. Leave nothing behind.

Easy connect

Being that Paltrack is approved by both PayPal and Shopify, you will no longer have to go through any shady, complicated setup processes. The whole setup process takes just some clicks and it’s done.

Automatic Syncing

In just a few clicks, and with no possibility of human error, Paltrack will sync your tracking numbers instantly and save your hours of tedious work.

Get Paltrack at Shopify app store.

Final thought

As PayPal tightens its rules with payment instruments, the effects are minimal to merchants as we covered this article on the importance of updating tracking records and creating good records with PayPal. Our Paltrack App put forward in providing unique features to help you boost your store operations as we highlighted the focal point of evidence for winning against order disputes and chargebacks.