Reviews on third party site for eCommerce Brands

It�s no secret that most shoppers research online before buying products from an eCommerce store. Especially if you are a new DTC brand, it becomes further important to come across positive when Shoppers research about you. You need to build a third party presence outside your own website. Here we are compiling a list of such websites that can help build a presence beyond your own website on Google searches.

Honest Brand Reviews

Honest brand reviews claims to provide in-depth reviews of DTC brands. Founded in 2020, their mission is to help consumers make informed buying decisions. You can find reviews for several brands like Bombas Socks, Aventon Bikes etc.

The reviews are detailed analysis of the products and cover several topics like sizing, materials, FAQs and also include exclusive discounts.

They frequently create lists of Top 5 brands under different categories, like Cosmetics, Skincare, Clothing, Footwear etc.

How can DTC brands leverage Honest Brand Reviews?

DTC brands can contact honest brand reviews to get featured on their website. They can use the platform to share more details about their brand, showcase reviews, display exclusive discounts and promote sales and new releases.


  1. Strong SEO
    Honest Brand Reviews has a strong SEO that can help your brand�s review rank on searches related to reviews about your brand
  2. Detailed analysis

The content provides detailed analysis that can clear a lot of customer queries.


  1. Static Discount Codes

They only support static discount codes that can cause your discount codes to leak.

  1. Too promotional

There are too many triggers to push shoppers to shop from the brand. This makes it seem too promotional and unauthentic to shoppers researching.

Thing Testing (

Thing Testing started out in 2018 from an Instagram Account (@thingtesting) where Jenny reviewed direct-to-consumer brands. Since then it has grown into, as they call it, a corner of the internet where consumers can discover brands and review them.

Thingtesting now has a huge directory of collections and DTC brands. You can find reviews directly from people who have tested the product.

How can DTC brands leverage Thing Testing?

Brands can claim their brand profile on and complete their profile. Thing testing has its own customer base who can sign up to their newsletter and also drop in reviews on brands they have tested out recently.


Strong SEO has a strong SEO that can help your brand�s review rank on searches related to reviews about your brand.

Multiple User Reviews

The brand page can show reviews from multiple customers aggregating an average overall rating.


No Discount Support

You can�t create discounts codes that can probably help you with conversions from customers researching about you and on the fence about making a purchase.

Lack of control on reviews

The website states clearly that the brand cannot influence or delete reviews. Though this is a welcome move towards building trust with shoppers, the brand might be vulnerable to negative reviews from competitors. ( is primarily focused on DTC brands on Shopify. Though they are fairly new, what separates them from other third party review platforms is that they are integrated directly with Shopify APIs.

Brands have complete control and can upload reviews directly on the platform while continuing to use their existing reviews solution. All reviews are cross checked against Shopify Orders API to mark as verified or not.

In addition to reviews the brand can also share stats like orders processed, average shipping time, store traffic etc. In fact brands can fully control their landing pages by sharing information such as, brand story, founder background etc.

Sample brand pages on,


Full Control on Content provides complete control on the content that they want to showcase. They can include their brand story and mission, founder background etc. Anything and everything that could help brands build trust with shoppers.

API Verified Data
All data are cross verified against APIs to make sure only genuine data is represented. All reviews are cross checked against Shopify�s order API which guarantees fake reviews from competitors are not accepted.


Fairly New in SEO

Since the website is newly launched the domain authority isn�t very high yet. But as SEO takes time, it�s best to list on the website early so that your brand page can start ranking in the next 2-3 months.

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