Sync tracking Numbers between Shopify & PayPal

Sync tracking Numbers between Shopify & PayPal

Why Paltrack?

Quick Release of Funds

Paltrack Sync tracking numbers to PayPal from Shopify

PayPal has a varying funds release period that can go up to 21 days. By using Paltrack, you’re one click away from having all your tracking details synced and up-to-date in PayPal at all times. Paypal takes note of the consistency, grades your account positively, and reduces the release period.

Lower Rolling Reserve

PayPal applies a rolling reserve on your account as a way of protecting their customers. By having a good tracking record and good customer feedback, PayPal will lower the percentage of the rolling reserve on your account or even remove it. In other words, more of your money goes to you!

Customer Satisfaction

Customers love to have visibility over their purchases. By using our service, your customers will have access to the tracking information through PayPal which will enable them to track their orders and see when to expect them. Happy customers are returning customers.

Set It And Forget It

Paltrack's setup process takes no more than two minutes and doesn't require any further adjustments from the user. Once setup is completed, the automation takes control and allows for an efficient integration that saves the store owner time, money, and energy.

Paltrack has much more to offer. Paltrack is a leading software solution that provides unique features:


Our Back-In-Time feature is a favorite amongst our users as it allows them to retroactively sync orders from a past date chosen by the user.

The Back-In-Time feature is offered only by Paltrack.

Usage Reports

Our monthly, weekly, or daily updates will ensure you remain up-to-date with the performance of Paltrack and your store without having to access the application itself.

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