TrackiPay is now available in Shopify Appstore as Paltrack!

Paltrack the newest improved version of Trackipay is now available in Shopify Store. Take your store management to a high new level with Paltrack

TrackiPay is now available in Shopify Appstore as Paltrack!

TrackiPay finally announces its newest version of syncing tracking details between Shopify and PayPal in an instant way. TrackiPay also earns the top spot in building sellers' trust with PayPal.  The way it bridges the gap between Shopify and PayPal helps businesses reduce working hours and allows them to focus on scaling their revenues.

The innovative team of Trackipay fuels the idea to include the app to Shopify App listing under the category of store management and fulfillment. In order to get approved, the team needed to implement many breaking changes to TrackiPay and because of the countless clients who actively use TrackiPay, to risk its functionally in getting approved is not an option. The team discovered a new way and that is to create a new app with enhanced features than TrackiPay. The new development is called “PALTRACK

To advance our position in the e-commerce world -  Paltrack, a Shopify Approved App, helps solve common problems of Shopify store owners by submitting tracking numbers to Paypal automatically and instantly. With Shopify and Paltrack you are one click to connect to PayPal, surely an advanced solution to manage your store faster than ever. The top priority of Paltrack is saving hours that could be invested in winning product search or even in campaigning by automating certain repetitive tasks, specifically the process of adding tracking information to PayPal. Indeed! One less task to worry about.

The goal of Paltrack is to make your store management easy to control in the most secure way. Paltrack provides Unlimited tracking resulting in users building trust with PayPal. The use of Paltrack provides you unlimited assistance by securing 24h/7 customer support. Lastly, it offers a 30 Day Trial Period to make sure you experience the automated solutions as much as possible.

We love you to stay ahead of the competition as we are continuously open to discovering new ways of satisfying your business needs!