Win every Paypal Dispute and leave no money behind (Easy Method)

If you’re dropshipping and concerned about keeping your PayPal account free of Red Flags, this article will show you how to avoid them and if possible, eliminate them entirely. We all know that PayPal is the most common payment method that you should definitely use on your Shopify stores because it surely increases your store conversions by allowing your customers to manage their payment transactions online faster. However, PayPal, makes it also difficult for dropshippers as they want to ensure that their customers have a good experience while using their payment method. As a result, dropshippers must go out and establish a relationship with PayPal.

Understanding these few concise notes will help you gear from any disputes:

How to create a good PayPal relationship in the easiest way possible.

  • Respond to customer inquiries in less than 24 hours.
  • Automating order tracking communications.
  • Prevent customers from filing a dispute with PayPal.

It is also good to note the reasons why disputes happen.

  • Shipped out Incorrect items to customers.
  • No Detailed and precise descriptions of each item.
  • Delayed Shipment of Item
  • No Clear return or exchange company policy or won�t cater at all

Payment gateways are not only the most popular online payment service providers, but they are also active eavesdroppers on every online transaction that takes place on their platform. As the first line of defense, we recommend closely monitoring your account for any disputes. If your client has a problem with the purchased transaction, try to settle the issue immediately before it becomes an official chargeback. Keep in mind that even a few chargebacks can have a long-term negative influence on your company.

The goal of this article is to keep your payment gateway accounts free of Red signs that your store may possibly encounter. As PayPal wants to maintain providing their users with a reliable and trusted payment provider they tend to be so sensitive in every transaction done on their platform. At this point, we found a simple solution that will allow you to avoid all of the problems and hassles you had to deal with and that is by finding an automated solution of syncing tracking numbers from your Store to PayPal.

Find a solution that does not require any Sub-account and a solution that is a fully automated link between your Shopify store to your PayPal without you having to do anything manually. All you need to do is to fill out orders through your store. Once orders are fulfilled from your store they’re gonna go straight to the PayPal account, this simply means you are operating within their requirements. This results in Customer Satisfaction and of course, helps you release your funds quickly. One of the solutions available in the market is our PalTrack App. Our app offers a quality ??service that automates the syncing of fulfilled orders tracking information between your Shopify store and your PayPal account instantly.

If you’re dropshipping on Shopify, We know that you are experiencing a lot of problems with PayPal, and it’s been a nightmare, but learning how to deal with all those possible disputes and their causes while providing accurate real-time solutions, geared you toward Winning PayPal Disputes and helps you avoid any financial risk exposures. Find a solution that helps you increase your revenues by automatically synchronizing each transaction’s tracking information to avoid unwanted disputes.

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