Need a spam protector for your online store? Here’s what your options are in 2024

Learn how to protect your store and help you prevent malicious acts. IPloged supports you in identifying authentic traffic and analytics trends

Need a spam protector for your online store? Here’s what your options are in 2024

One of the most annoying downsides of having an online store is being bombarded with a lot of traffic and subscribers yet merely getting sales.

Seeing your store traffic grow can be very fascinating but how can you be sure that they’re all real people? Unless you have allocated big funds for your advertisements across various digital channels.  Spotting these upward trends is very suspicious and can lead to great frustrations for every store owner.

If you want to know what's wrong with your store analytics then it's time for you to redirect your focus to investigate the trends and start having a better visitor experience that is noticeable to your business objective.

Knowing how to protect your store  is a great advantage and can savor you from disappointments:

What are the common security dangers?

  • Data Scrapers

Commonly we prefer them as SPY/ies their main objective is getting information from your online store and saving it to their local file. It is the most efficient way that your competitors can sneak to your store contents, designs, or even steal your product prices, tactics and many more. It’s their way of looking at your weaknesses in your online store and exploiting them for their further gain.

  • Fraudsters

They are one of many threats of online store owners and in nature these are hard to detect. Those are people who steal someone else's credit card and use it to purchase items. It is truly essential that store owners must have the ability to prevent and detect criminal action before it is perpetrated. Having the capacity to investigate and create sanctions can deter the potential action of every fraudster. We believe that It is important for shopify store owners to know a key element to fight against possible fraud and that is to understand fraudster/s strategic actions by knowing what prompts people to do such an act or what triggers them is an advantage of protecting your store and allows you to plot correct prevention and protective tools for your stores.

Why do you need to protect your online stores from security dangers?

Well, all store owners invest so much of their time and money to benefit from online selling. Keeping afloat and on top of the online market is very challenging that is why it is important to protect all your efforts from possible threats. Security dangers always have a detrimental impact on your online business operations by delaying your business process and even pulling down your marketing efforts and store analytics.
Shopify and Iploged are a great support in helping store owners prevent and can easily detect any fraudulent acts. It allows store owners to Block Spying Visitors and SpyTools. Now, take full control of your store by providing solid security in a convenient way.

IPloged as a tool to help detect malicious activities.

The help of our app gives you an opportunity to provide a quicker response to security while reducing possible disputes and chargeback. IPloged is a tool that is designed to help users effectively identify any suspicious activities and be able to conduct business without any threats. To know more about our Iploged app I recommend you visit our app by clicking this text.


Knowing the general security threats that may affect the performance of your store, never allow them to take advantage of your effort and ruin the game of your business system and start regaining control of your store today. Having the right tool to help you prevent malicious acts you can confidently ensure the security of your store information and identify authentic traffic and analytics trends and save your marketing tactics and assure protection of your financial risk exposures. Act now and integrate effective tools to cover any suspicious activities.