Shopify integrations and extensions that will take your revenue to the next level in 2024

Shopify integrations and extensions that will take your revenue to the next level in 2024

Starting an online store can be very advantageous and one of the friendly platforms is Shopify, designed to deliver simplicity to store owners but if you're not utilizing its benefits and integrations you are behind on the market opportunities. With numerous Shopify apps available in the market you have to identify which apps best to boost your business.

Find out Shopify integrations with advanced features to boost your store.

  1. Boost your Marketing Campaign with Privy

Growing your business can be very challenging, with the help of Privy you can automate sending email promotions and a great way to use for doing cross-selling and increase your sales conversions.

Get the App : Privy’s Email Marketing, Exit Popup, Free Shipping Bar, Abandoned Cart Shopify app store.

2. Be on Top of your Store Fulfillment with UpToSheets

Monitoring tedious data can be a very crucial piece and one way to optimize your store is by having an informed decision through easy monitoring of your large store data automatically. Our App Uptosheets helps you manage and monitor one or multiple stores using Google Sheets.

UpToSheets Features:

Fast Editing In Google Sheets

Using G-sheet, you will now be able to organize your work and

increase efficiency.

Automatic Sync In The Cloud

Your store is synced in real-time to the cloud. All store operations are instantly reflected on your sheet.

Update Store Instantly

You can now monitor your store's operations all in one sheet tailored to your specific needs.

Get the App: Start Syncing your order details to Google Sheets - Shopify app store.

3. Grow your store with PALTRACK

Our application was previously known as TrackiPay and enables the user to maintain a good PayPal Account tracking record. This ensures that the seller's PayPal account is in good standing and in accordance with the user agreement for PayPal services.

Paltrack Features:

Lower Rolling Reserve

PayPal applies a rolling reserve on your account as a way of protecting their customers. By using Paltrack, you will be operating within PayPal’s requirements. This means less rolling reserve and fewer issues for you.

Quick Release of Funds

With Paltrack, one big factor is eliminated. Having tracking details synced automatically is one less problem to worry about when wanting to get your money faster.

User Friendly Dashboard

Paltrack’s dashboard consists of only the most important details that you need to see. Being that the syncing is automated, we want to give the user a painless experience. Our dashboard does exactly that. The information was simplified and delivered.

Back-In-Time Feature

Our Back-In-Time feature allows users to retrieve and sync old orders that were fulfilled prior to the installation of Paltrack. This feature is exclusively a Paltrack feature. Leave nothing behind.

Easy connect

Being that Paltrack is approved by both PayPal and Shopify, you will no longer have to go through any shady, complicated setup processes. The whole setup process takes just some clicks and it’s done.

Automatic Syncing

In just a few clicks, and with no possibility of human error, Paltrack will sync your tracking numbers instantly and save your hours of tedious work.

Get the App: Automate now the process of adding tracking numbers to orders on PayPal Shopify app store.

4. Bold Sales Motivator

Integrate apps that can help you boost sales on your store and Bold Sales motivator is an advantage app. A simple app that provides interactive promotions to your target customers.

Boat Sales Motivator notify your customers on the special deals.

Bold Sales Motivator features:

Interactive Promotions

Boost sales with interactive promotions that display messages of how much customers need to spend to reach a goal when they add to the cart.

Smart Free Shipping Bar

Smart Geo-Fenced motivators ONLY show in countries you offer it.

Get the App: Drive average order value with geo-fenced free shipping bar Shopify app store.

5. Protect your store with IPLoged

Boosting your online store can also draw competitors. Iploged as our App to protect store owners provides an advanced solution that gives store owners an opportunity to provide a quicker response to security while reducing possible disputes and chargeback. A tool that is designed to help users effectively identify any suspicious activities and be able to conduct business without any threats.

IPLoged features:

Country Blocker

You can now conveniently stop unwanted visitors from doing any malicious actions from your store and can easily block visitors that use SpyTool & VPN/RDP. Get full control over who has access to our store.

Block Spy

Outsmart someone from spying on your store without getting your security compromised. IPLoged is an easy-to-use privacy protection that allows you to block people from snooping on your store. With the proper safeguarding in place, you can shield your store from any possible threats.

Download visitors Log

Do you want to download your logs? No problem! Just select the download menu, specify a date range, and viola we'll get your logs in CSV format. CSV will contain IP, Timestamp, and User-Agent.

Get the App: Block Spying Visitors And SpyTools Shopify app store.

6. - internal control is necessary to boost stores.

While boosting your products and your marketing campaign, as a store owner you also need to focus on the fundamental process to ensure actual fund spend and earned in your business. is one of the best integrations to automatically export any Shopify Payments payouts and summarizes them into one invoice. can organize your payments into:

  • Tax-inclusive and/or tax-exclusive sales
  • Shipping fees
  • Shopify fees
  • Giftcards
  • Refunds
  • Gains/losses from currency exchange rates
  • + more

Get the App: Xero Bridge Integration, One-Click Reconcile, Send To Xero Shopify app store.

Be competitive,  avoid settling for basics  - Optimized your store with the best Shopify Integrations. There are a lot of Shopify apps in the market that can be beneficial to your store but you don't have to install each app.  We enumerate our recommended apps that may increase the effectiveness of your store and help you with your operational and marketing activities.