Shopify Integrations with google sheet less than a minute

Manually saving new orders from your Shopify store to your google sheets has always been a perspective for Shopify users especially those neophytes but will you be able to do it every time your store gets new orders coming in? �Well, manually doing it not only exposes erroneous data but is also a tedious job.

When your store starts to grow you may tend to focus on how to continue optimizing your store performance and leaving to anchor a solid foundation on your store workflow. That is when our Uptosheets� comes in. We listen to every store owner and create solutions that help them avoid hindering businesses from potential growth. We have created a light weighted cloud-based app to increase their productivity and lessen wasted time from manual processes and erroneous results.

Uptosheets is an easy tool that ensures that all tasks from orders fulfillment, listing products, customer and vendor management, or even stock control are carried out quickly and efficiently.

To guide you on how to Integrate Shopify into your Google Sheets simply visit Shopify App store under �Fulfillment. Install Uptosheets for free.

Once successfully installed, you will be landed in Account Setting where you can establish connecting your store to your google account.

Now, click the setup sheet in which you can link to the existing sheet you used with your workflow. Make sure to review the following to avoid being unable to connect the sheet to the app.

  • Copying the full link of your �Google sheet.
  • Validate that you are using a sheet created to link Uptosheets.
  • Click the Get Sheet from the link tab and Select Sheet tab to connect.

Further, Uptosheets has an advanced special feature to fully maximize your Shopify Integration to google sheets.

Our Back In Time Feature creates an edge for Shopify users without leaving past fulfilled orders unmonitored. Real-Time monitoring of your previously fulfilled orders was never a bottleneck with Uptosheets. Keeping an eye on your past data is very useful in making informative store management decisions.

Shopify Integration to google sheet has been easy with our app as it allows Shopify store owners to link one or multiple stores to google sheets and manage them directly to the sheets. �Google Sheets and Shopify are made to enable you to manage your stores with simplicity, clarity, and most importantly in a time-efficient way. �Sync Shopify transactions to google sheets in real-time to the cloud making your life easy by having all store operations instantly reflected on your sheets. Easy monitoring indeed!

We make sure to prioritize time-saving app through 100% automation. We provide solutions that can help every Shopify user understand and consolidate store data to help them project a bigger picture of business insight.

Final Thought:

There are a lot of available apps you can integrate into your Shopify store, but selecting to support your workflow it has always been important to choose an easy-to-use app with 100% automation integrated solutions. Always look for an app that provides full and active support when infusing the app to your store. Taking full control of your data and keeping them up to date and secure is always useful in your business growth.

Learn how to manage your workflow easily and learn more about Uptosheet click here.

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