Top Shopify store protection against spying, scraping, and theft

Stay ahead of the competition by viewing the best-selling products in any Shopify-based Store. Yes, you also got a way to protect your Shopify store against spying, scraping, and theft.

Top Shopify store protection against spying, scraping, and theft

Shopify is one of the growing eCommerce platforms for successful online entrepreneurs and for business aspirants. A top pick for most businesses who venture virtually, especially those who engage in dropshipping. Shopify is an essential eCommerce management tool that offers a myriad of ways on how to increase your store sales performance and reach your optimal online business objective.

Known for its most extensive platform that has something for everyone from its dashboard, key features that highlight the easy-to-use program, different available apps to integrate, a wide range of professional themes, and many more. With a lot of available apps to use nevertheless, Shopify store protection is the least observed and focused.

One of the challenges of every online store owner is finding the right and winning products to jump into the market because of that many competitor's test products first by spying and scraping store data and techniques that turn out to be more beneficial to them. Snooping your store helps them set their right foot forward.

We have recommended the best app to help you stop giving easy access to spies and keep your store protected.

Shopify IPLoged, an approved solution by Shopify that helps every Shopify user to Block Spying Visitors and  SpyTools. This integration helps identifies any doubtful activities.

You can get IPLoged to Shopify apps under the store management category. Click here.

IPLoged highlights the following features that would be a great contribution in protecting you from competitors.

Country Blocker

Easily manage specific country access and avoid victims of any fraud international orders. Get full control over who has access to your store and secure your store data from being duplicated or copied from other websites from specific locations.

Block Spy

Customize your protection by configuring app settings. A convenient and advantageous app to Outsmart someone from spying on your store without getting your security compromised.

Download visitors Log

Download blocked access to list in no time. Simply select the download menu, specify the date range, and instantly get your logs in CSV format. CSV will contain IP, Timestamp, and User-Agent. Generating the list is a handy thing to have your website protected as you can examine the behavior of your store visitors or buyers.

Final Thoughts

It has always been a good idea to track and monitor who visited your web store and keep your safeguarding app easy and convenient. As privacy is important real-time store protection is highly recommended for you to operate your business with peace of mind.